Sovereignty and sharp power
An expert discussion
On October 11 PICREADI holds an expert discussion on sharp power in Moscow.

Today, as many experts point, the concept of soft power introduced by Joseph Nye in the 90's does not correspond with the modern challenges set by governments in foreign policy. Because of information clashes between Russia and the West new terms emerge. Sharp power is one of such terms offered to the professional community.
On October 11 we are going to raise debates on sovereignty and sharp power to find justification for the term and determine the correlation between the concepts of sharp and soft power.

The discussion comprises two discussion panels "Sharp power: a new instrument of the governments' foreign policy?", and "Sharp power: sovereignty under threat?" with participation of famous Russian experts and officials.

The meeting will be held within the framework of the Meeting Russia project implemented with the grant provided by the Foundation for Presidential Grants. Our partners are Research Committee on Political Power of the International Political Sciences Association and Foundation of International Outlook.
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