How will the Ukrainian crisis affect Russia-West geopolitical game?
By Viktoria Ivanchenko
Viktoria Ivanchenko
PICREADI (Creative Diplomacy) editor-in-chief
Viktoria Ivanchenko, editor-in-chief of PICREADI, shared her vision of the development of relations between Ukraine and Russia and further confrontation between the West and Russia with the Chinese channel CGTN.
The brief analysis examined the conflict in Azov, the ineffectiveness of the Minsk agreements, the problem of sanctions, the likelihood of Ukraine's membership in the EU and NATO.
"The Western countries were not willing to go beyond verbal reproach and concern. Soon it will become just another story of long-lasting and protracted confrontation"
Key points:

1. The West is not ready to fight for Ukraine and will try to avoid any tangible escalation.

2. The semi-frozen conflict in the Sea of Azov is an Ukrainian attempt to conceal failures in its economy and social sphere.

3. For the Western countries and Russia, it is a method to seek their global interests in the international arena and resolve issues of mutual relations.

4. The Minsk Agreements are absolutely helpless and can't resolve any serious issues.

5. At the present stage, Ukraine is far away from membership both in the European Union (EU) and NATO.

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